The Planning of a casting must include all practical aspects of Foundry production. A Risering and Gating plan may provide perfect Simulation results but, if it is too difficult and costly to execute, it is of little value.

Our plans will include the tooling, core-making, molding and pouring details required by your equipment and proccesses. We can also reproduce and evaluate your existing tooling and practice and recommend improvements.

Note: All casting examples shown on these webpages were artificailly created by myself, and do not belong to any past or present Consulting Project or Corporate Task in which I have participated. 


  • Risering and Gating plans validated by simulation work.
  • Dimension Drawings for rigging construction
  • CAD files of rigged models
  • CAD files of mold components for the 3D Print process
  • Reports with Metallurgical and Process recommendations
  • Movies and Images of all Simulation work
  • We work from CAD files or casting drawings
  • We do Sand and Investment casting
  • We do Ferrous, Copper Base and Nickel Base alloys
  • We use the advanced Finite Element software ESI-ProCast 
  • Download the Sand_Casting file for detailed information



Example of Casting Engineering Methodology